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Accelerationism: how a fringe philosophy predicted the future we live in – Sadie Plant / Cultural Studies Department, Birmingham University referenced in The Guardian today

Unlike Land, Plant and Fisher were technophiles: she had an early Apple computer, he was an early mobile phone user. “Computers … pursue accelerating, exponential paths, proliferating, miniaturising, stringing themselves together,” wrote Plant in Zeroes and Ones, a caffeinated 1997 book about the development of computing. Plant and Fisher were also committed fans of the 90s’ increasingly kinetic dance music and action films, which they saw as popular art forms that embodied the possibilities of the new digital era. Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

You won’t get in my my way this century.

End superiority.

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The Internet Belongs to Everyone – Global Anonymous march to protect the greatest tool of free speech ever invented

The Internet is the greatest tool of free speech ever created that gave voice to billions of people along with power to bring down regimes, a member of the Anonymous movement told RT, adding that such power terrifies governments around … Continue reading

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Dr. Sadie Plant we need to discuss saving the Internet

Just found this article: As English author Sadie Plant (my tutor, Cultural Studies Dept. University of Birmingham) said in 1993: “Cyberfeminism is simply the recognition that patriarchy is doomed.” Australia’s Rosie X founded the world’s first cyberfeminist zine, Geekgirl, in … Continue reading

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