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Potty Mouth #100years since Women given right to vote

Long way to go for gender equality and yet 100 years since Women given the right to vote. Enough with your phallic, capitalist, gun and violence toting hypocrisy and rule ye mankind. Stop the war. Compassion and empathy are key to survival. Not oneupmanship and deviant, snakey, denial of deceptive, sly behaviour. Enough is enough. Play fair or we all die. Ignorance is far from bliss. Get a grip #boys Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

You won’t get in my my way this century.

End superiority.

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Women of our Century – Paule Vézelay (Notes from BBC programme)

Women of our Century – BBC Iplayer Series 1: Paule Vézelay (Biography – http://jlwcollection.com/jlwcollection.com/Paule_Vezelay.html) First transmitted in 1984, Germaine Greer interviews pioneer abstract artist Paule Vézelay. British painter Vézelay was neglected and ignored by the British art establishment for most … Continue reading

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Dr. Sadie Plant we need to discuss saving the Internet

Just found this article: As English author Sadie Plant (my tutor, Cultural Studies Dept. University of Birmingham) said in 1993: “Cyberfeminism is simply the recognition that patriarchy is doomed.” Australia’s Rosie X founded the world’s first cyberfeminist zine, Geekgirl, in … Continue reading

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Anti-war Art by Jacqueline Hammond – Stop the War

Stop the war on … When the largest industry in the world is no longer War, I will accept Darwin’s theory of Evolution. ~Dale S. Mugford For me war has become a flat, black depression without highlights, a revulsion of … Continue reading

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Put an end to retailers categorising toys according to gender

Great news and good progress made towards putting an end to retailers categorising toys according to gender. Continue reading

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