Deep Sea Life

The Deep Sea Life Series sprung from a fascination with the colours, shapes and creatures that exsist in this other world under the sea.  ‘Ultraviolet Jellyfish’ and ‘Seeing is Believing’ are key pieces.

Abstract Series – Ultraviolet Jellyfish

The abstract shapes and forms of living species in the ocean are almost alien to the human eye. Yet the often display patterns and decorative features on the surface which are so inspiring and attractive.  Bold, bright colours, often complementary colour combinations or stark contrast.

By breaking them down into bold, graphic shapes that repeat a pattern without looking manufactured I have tried to keep an essence of ‘nature’ by not being too exact, replicating a formation.

I have used these colours of nature, worked out how and why they work together, evolved them, simplified and / or exaggerated them.  Inky black/blue backgrounds emphasises the deep sea, providing a good contrast to the bright colours.

Abstract Series – Seeing Is Believing

The first paintings (not displayed) were quite primitive and carried out on my return to painting.  Close ups of scales or fish eyes.  One even looked like a sperm and egg, funnily enough painted in the early days of my first pregnancy.

See the whole Abstract Series including ‘Deep Sea Life’ on my website.

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