Brighton Based Artist Jacqueline Hammond

I was sitting on a deckchair sketching people on the beach one day when I decided this was the life for me. I grew up in Devon and so when I moved to Brighton over three years ago I was very glad to be near the sea again. At first I was obsessed by the sunsets and the infinite challenge of capturing the sea in paint but the great thing about a beach is that people stay still long enough for you to draw them!

It was the feedback and positive response to my work when I was a finalist in the Seeking Picasso Competition that inspired me to take my work more seriously and commercially. It was a good introduction to some of Brighton’s art world.

Brighton’s Arty Magazine – Jacqueline Hammond Hammond brings new perspective to favourite Brighton scenes

I tend to focus on the people and activity on the beach. Although hectic in the height of summer I love the melting pot of people. I have fun caricaturing people in my ‘Pebble Heads’ series. The sea and beach is traditionally painted in landscape, but in my ‘Life’s a Beach’ series I paint the shoreline in portrait as if from a bird’s eye point of view, sweeping up the shoreline capturing the crowds and social groupings of people to miniature proportions the further away. Some say this is an unusual view but with the height of Marine Parade and the pier I feel you are often looking down on the people on the beach.

These works are inspired by the city of Brighton (& Hove) and the surrounding area in the South East of England, UK.

The influence of my surroundings as an artist is seen in this gallery of landscape and seascape paintings as well as depicting the architecture, streets, sunsets and the colourful melting pot of people that visit Brighton; a city that is seen as a hub of creativity and fashion.

I have tried to interpret the iconic buildings such as the Pavilion and the Brighton Bandstand in a new and fresh way, giving popular views an alternative, sometimes surprising angle that I hope you will enjoy.


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