British artist Jacqueline Hammond (Interdisciplinary)

Current practice:

Primarily visual pieces are still happening, when the place is tidy i can finally turn to painting, though image making is my profession, I don’t turn to it as instinctively as tidying up, which seems to take up at least 50% of my time. Photography being the fastest route in a time-short artist’s world. Computers are so slow compared to what can achieve straight from mind to hand. AI and automation has a way to go yet. I fancy training AI, working as a personality writer. Work that requires an artist’s skills. The impact of tecnology on society is really my subject. Blame Sadie Plant, 90’s cyberqueen who hacked into our fresher neurochemistry to debate the present we now live in. Seminars on drugs, DNA, digitisation. Douglas Rushkoff seemed like the only author on offer. We went to a special room. To use this new computer thing, and go to a user-room, where other users would be and we could communicate to each other. The Internet or ‘Information Age’ as important as the Industrial Age.


It was meant to be so liberating, so exciting, revolutionary. It took a long time to catch on if you ask me. Everyone in my home town, post Deleuzian, thought I was raving mad.

I was just from the future, and a full on raver.

Websites. Hypertext is how I write, diagramatically by hand. But not how type, which is restrctively left to right. I bought a smartphone before they existed, got it home, it was just a little handheld microsoft palm bot. The machinehas taken everyone’s life now. Passport to the world. Only tool/toy/communication we need. Connected. Does anyone actually remember what it was like before. Several generations now take this given for granted. When there was just libraries, newpapers and spoken word. Televison media filtered information. I tried to tell you all, it’s all marketing. Fake news. The graphic design. The algorhythms. You get me now?

I hastily write/sketch/rant and plan, the endless notebooks, contain kind of ‘slopoetry’ more sloppy pokes and notes, than poetry. A sentence or synopsis, a sketch. Non-linear. Developing my writing style. Ideas for film and comedy rising with lifetime’s tide. In hindsight I could portion more than put out of sight these tempestuous timelong type I write.

One day here and there I reckon could be free to scurry away to write my rocks off, knowing life is taken care of. Then snippets can turn into flow, indulge to work on my mash up of now and then near future fiction, philosphies and anecdotes bastardised to protect the innocent.

Working on it, always and forever. Life is too short to play silly games.

“With painting, the thrill is in the process. It’s immediately gratifying. Some ideas evolve, others are reactionary. More thought provoking themes explore today’s society.”

Jacqueline Hammond