Alternative Anatomies with Stelarc and Nina Sellars – Virtual Futures at the Victoria and Albert Museum 

Alternative Anatomies with Stelarc and Nina Sellars – Virtual Futures at the Victoria and Albert Museum London 

Very excited. En-route to the #V&A #museum to film Stelarc and Nina Sellars talk at #VirtualFutures Salon. Stelarc is an original 1990’s #VF contributor. 

Renowned for pushing the boundaries Stelarc explores and interogates notions of identity and the post human. With a third hand and stem cell grown ear he could be described as a living cyborg…

The legendary art/robotics artist will be in discussion with Nina Sellars. 

“The original Virtual Futures Conferences (1994, 1995, 1996) were often portrayed as technopositivist festivals of accelerationism towards a posthuman future – the “Glastonbury of cyberculture”, as the Guardian put it. However, hidden behind the brushed steel and silicon, the jargon, the charismatic prophets and the techno parties the mission was rather more sober and more urgent. They were an attempt to develop a new interdisciplinary approach to confronting the contemporary technologisation of first-world cultures.

The Virtual Futures Conferences (1994, 1995 & 1996) saw groups of renegade philosophers lock horns with the future based on the provocations of evidence provided by the emergence of the Internet. Their predictions were wild, exerted creative licence and were unfaithful to every academic discipline.

Soon these events evolved into a unique, international gathering where the morphing of cultural space was accelerated by the head-on collision of science, theory, music, fiction, and multimedia. Today the conferences continue to connect audiences with one of the most important intellectual and cultural developments of our times – the technological extension of the human condition.”

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Contemporary British artist, Jacqueline Hammond, is renowned for producing strong, punchy images that are rich in texture and colour. A prolific painter and multidisciplinary artist, she exhibits widely and is commissioned by individual clients, collectors and high profile brands. Jacqueline’s inspiration comes from direct observation: subject matter is plucked from the world encountered every day. Some ideas evolve, others are reactionary. Thought-provoking themes explore today’s society, the media and cultural theory. Whether inspired by the street or the sea, Jacqueline’s work has an edge: her paintings are consistently striking. Her natural disposition is to let the paint dictate the creative process, trusting the medium and her mind’s eye to translate the vision.
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