Pebble Head Portrait Commissions rolling in

British artist Jacqueline Hammond’s novelty series The Pebble Heads progressed into numerous commissioned portraits where the subjects heads are ‘pebblised’ onto the canvas.

Commission a Pebble Head Portrait

Commission a Pebble Head Portrait of your family or friends – to give as a Christmas present.

Clients commission Pebble Head Portraits of their loved ones, family, or a group and often given as a very personal and unique gift. Recent pieces have situated the group against an equally bespoke background and have included all sorts of requests, from seagulls to lego.

Jacqueline visualises the piece based on both visual and written references to the subject’s interests, work, life and character traits, given by the client.

“It helps to build a picture of the family, the setting, the dialogue and the process often very revealing. Just down to how members of the portrait are described, lives summarised, character and behaviour analysed in a sentence. I may question the relevance of some such details, but its actually surprising what comes through in the final piece, as the people take on their pebble persona. Many of those little comments somehow end up being illustrated, giving the subjects a likeness and a sense of humour to the narrative of the scene. I spend far too long on painting these. But its very rewarding, and a painting must run its course. By the time its finished I feel like I’ve met them and they are often blown away by the result.”

Recently commissioned painting:

The farmer’s wife – Commissioned as a birthday present

Final piece – and the ‘outtakes’

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About artbyjaxx

Contemporary British artist, Jacqueline Hammond, is renowned for producing strong, punchy images that are rich in texture and colour. A prolific painter and multidisciplinary artist, she exhibits widely and is commissioned by individual clients, collectors and high profile brands. Jacqueline’s inspiration comes from direct observation: subject matter is plucked from the world encountered every day. Some ideas evolve, others are reactionary. Thought-provoking themes explore today’s society, the media and cultural theory. Whether inspired by the street or the sea, Jacqueline’s work has an edge: her paintings are consistently striking. Her natural disposition is to let the paint dictate the creative process, trusting the medium and her mind’s eye to translate the vision.
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