Vile: Jimmy Savile article published in Sunday Mirror today

Vile: Jimmy Savile – article in Sunday Mirror 14th Oct 2012

The article came out today. I spoke to a reporter last Thursday. Published in the Sunday Mirror 14th Oct 2012. The article is accompanied by two photographs, one of which appears on the front cover of the tabloid newspaper. The photos are those I discovered in the loft of evil (eyed) Savile.

The last sentence lets the whole piece down. It’s wrong, i never said that ‘it was a dirty little secret.” Had I seen the article before it went to print, i would insist this was taken out. But whilst I may have began writing about this as an article on my Artbyjaxx blog, this is not my article.

Overall it stays fairly close to what i felt and said about the course of events to the reporter, bearing in mind that I’ve only just began researching what exactly happened myself. More importantly, just because there was no point in telling anyone, doesn’t make it a ‘dirty little secret.’

She never her told her parents, or any people in authority at the time. That’s the point. Don’t want to encourage the keeping of secrets, that’s what’s at the root of the issue in the first place and how such criminals get away with it. Mum never shied away with damning the hideous man if his name cropped up in conversation with anyone, but never went into sordid detail either, as the last quote (unquote) infers. Its obvious its a last ditch tabloidism thrown in for smut value. The not even the telling the husband bit could cause issue as well. Of course she told her husband, why would she tell me and not her partner?

Being typlically tabloid they’ve speeded up the story but these are the two embellishments I object to. I could write a much better article.

I can honestly say that the article published in the Sunday Mirror today, not one set of speech marks quote the words that came out of my mouth when speaking to the reporter. Any report is a version of events. Turning speech into the written word is like a game of Chinese Whispers. The English language is so loaded that one word can change the meaning of a whole sentence. Once sentence can twist the whole plot. Tabloid newspaper articles may appear to use a more limited range of vocabulary so as not to confuse the reader with unnecessary detail or bias. Yet every word has been carefully selected for its connotative value with the aim of maximising the impact of the piece. When condensing a piece of writing to meet the word count, ones goes for the most succinct way to make the point. Captions are kept snappy with a snapshot, the best headlines hit hard, or use a pun /play on words. Like Twittering. Twittering vultures!

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