Portrait of The Queen Picking Her Nose – Interview on BBC Sussex 21/5/12 at 7.20am

I’ll be on the radio tomorrow morning at the nonsensical time of 7.20am! BBC Radio Sussex, talking about this:

Queenie ‘Nose’ She Picked a Diamond Year!

Commemorative edition product range created for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012.


Jacqueline Hammond’s Queenie Nose She Picked a Diamond Year Commemorative Mug for 2012 Diamond Jubilee

This irreverent image of Her Majesty is a painting by British artist Jacqueline Hammond. Created in 2007 titled ‘The Queen in a Moment of Privacy’

Jacqueline has released some alternative memorabilia to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee latest hype in the UK and the large proportion of people who are ambivalent about the monarchy, or simply don’t like pomp and plastic tat, may wonder what the fuss is about. Some of the Diamond Jubilee memorabilia takes itself far too seriously, such as those plaster Queens, commemorative plates and ceramic corgis. Other items descend into utter tack, such as Union Jack dresses, tutus, wigs and plastic hats that will no doubt be appearing in Benidorm this summer.

These collector’s items depict an iconic, postage stamp type portrait of Her Majesty enjoying a private moment; in which she is caught in the ‘disgusting but we all do it’ act of picking her nose. The original work entitled ‘The Queen in a Moment of Privacy’ was an entry in the ‘Seeking Picasso’ competition, held in Brighton during 2007, in which Jacqueline was a finalist. She also caricatured the Royal Family on other occasions: for example, in 2011, her ‘Pebble Heads Royal Wedding’ painting used pebbles carefully selected from Brighton Beach as the character’s heads.

So, no need to buy an expensive porcelain plate that you’ll only use once or twice or a plastic union jack this summer, why not shirk the trend say “hurrumph” to the royal family and choose one of my alternative ideas to commemorate?

Choose from bags, mugs and prints all set to adorn the shoulders, coffee tables and walls of UK citizens who don’t want to stand in the street cheering and waving flags.

All items are designed in England and will be joining a range of products, sold under Jacqueline’s Smart Deco brand, that are all from British artists and designers.

The ‘Queenie Nose She’s Picked a Diamond Year 2012’ mug and bag can be purchased online at http://www.smartdeco-style.com  Prices start at £8 for the mug and £15 for the tote bag. Also available on Amazon.


‘The Queen in a Moment of Privacy’ Jacqueline Hammond

Acrylics on canvas. 76.5 x 51 cm (Gilded finish frame)

Released to commemorate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The original painting is for sale and open to offers from collectors.

Ending 3pm Saturday 30th June 2012.

If you wish to bid on this artwork please submit your contact details on the website or email info@jacquelinehammond.co.uk Please state your name, address, telephone number and how much you would like to bid.  If you are outbid, you will be contacted by e-mail and offered the opportunity to increase your bid.

The painting is currently exhibited in Brighton Artists Open Houses throughout May (Venue Anvil Ironworks 222 Ditchling Rd, Brighton. Fiveways Trail) For more information go to http://aoh.org.uk/may-2012-houses?item=473&offset=0

The Queen will then move to West Ox Arts Gallery in Bampton, Oxfordshire for a ‘Portraits of The Queen’ exhibition which runs throughout June. http://www.westoxarts.com

Portraits of the Queen: An Exhibition Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee

“In celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, West Ox Arts Gallery is inviting artists from far and wide to submit a portrait of the Queen for exhibition, to be on display throughout the month of June, with prizes to be awarded by public vote in the following categories: Most Creative, Most Ambitious & Most Realistic.”

Opening Reception (voting begins): Sat 2 June, 2-4pm Awards Reception (winners announced): Tues 5 June, 11-1.30pm. Jacqueline Hammond’s painting ‘Queen in a Moment of Privacy’ will be open to offers until 30th June.

For more information on the exhibition go to http://www.westoxarts.com/future-exhibitions.html http://www.westoxarts.com

About artbyjaxx

Contemporary British artist, Jacqueline Hammond, is renowned for producing strong, punchy images that are rich in texture and colour. A prolific painter and multidisciplinary artist, she exhibits widely and is commissioned by individual clients, collectors and high profile brands. Jacqueline’s inspiration comes from direct observation: subject matter is plucked from the world encountered every day. Some ideas evolve, others are reactionary. Thought-provoking themes explore today’s society, the media and cultural theory. Whether inspired by the street or the sea, Jacqueline’s work has an edge: her paintings are consistently striking. Her natural disposition is to let the paint dictate the creative process, trusting the medium and her mind’s eye to translate the vision.
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