Painting the outside wall at JAG Gallery

I battled against the wind today, working on my outside on my painting and battled with 

beefing up the lad in the middle, as his lanky limbs and spazzer legs had been bugging me 

all weekend, he's moved to the foreground now, which is what I wanted, and in fattening 

him up, he now looks shorter and older, but I think I prefered his younger self. But that's 

the fun of paintihhhhnnhing, you never know where the piece might go, once you get 

Working on a large piece, you have to keep standing back to look at the painting, being a public pavement this is quite fun listening to the comments such as 'My Mum can paint better than that',  look darling 'That lady's using her imagination',and toddlers simply ask what you are doing,or repeat the word painting over and over, some lads much like the ones I'm depicting ask if what I'm doing is graffiti, then snigger at naked lady painting , people weigh up which is there favourite (and go to prove how much tastes vary) art is a conversation starter, some people are lead to impress their hand held lover with 'I used to be good at art' type revelations. Creativity feeds creativity. The novelty spreads, people look at the rest of your work and surprise you by saying 'very good Jacqueline, to show that they've noted your 
name. The bin man passes several times, passers-by tell you which pictures are rubbish!
 At one point, little did I know, but I was being filmed! A guy came over, said they were from 

ITV and asked if they could film some GV's of me painting. I agreed and for some reason 

decided to add that I once worked on programmes for the ITV Westcountry region, as if 

this meant I was used to this kind of thing and able to concealexcitement and nerves. I 

said yes, as long as I could do my hair first, remember, this was severe weather 

conditions I was working in. It was an intense few minutes, some token daubs of paint 

later, they left. The programme is called 'Drive To Buy' a property programme, to be aired 

next year. The guy asked if I knew '60 Minute Makeover' as it would be on the same time 

as that. Ironically, my lampshades will also be on 60 Minute Makeover in January. Look 

out it'll be some Seeking Pop Art Idol next!...
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