Shitfaced Shakespeare Drunketh Review – Brighton Fringe 2013

It’s the final week of Brighton Fringe 2014 and Shitfaced Shakespeare are on the bill again this year –

Magnificent Bastard Productions present an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely shit-faced cast member.

The question is – Dareth one attendeth the play again?

Here’s the review I wrote (whilst shitfaced) after last year’s show.

Too shit tyo get shitfaced enough for Shakespeare (written upon return home and published unedited) I had heard of this act early on and thought it had the potential to go either way. Scripted inerbriatiation bad. Genuine drunk as a lord, evil as Macbeth, good. Extra good if it went proper tits up, on stage and everything. In Shakespeares’s day the scirpt would be embellished by the amount of tankards one had dis quenchenched in thy hour of performancing. Althought pre-ibterigued as a on a whim mainly arts goer I wasn’t even sure wgich friend ahd experessed the dame curiosity anf interest to as feature in Brighton Festoval’s programme entitled @Shitfaced Shajkespeare’ The embarrassment of scripted out of it ness would be too muvh to bear. Like some sort of @who wants to be an othellioanaire. Pre warned  after a midday bath, at 2pm I agreed to go bujt thought to myself only thy right to get shitfaced too. Get with the programme. Else I might cringe at the pre rehearsed what dol people do when they are drunk type sjetccjesd. Hence I be gone pre told emcompance a couplet winettas. This was my main fear, scripted shitfacedness. Would the actors be genuinely drunk and it all turn to shit, or would they be slightly inebriated and looser, forgetful with their words leading to it completely turning to shit and brabdished as a load of shit. How would they gauges their intended level of shotfacedness? Pre tell? Give me a line, give me a line slurred Lysander. Well, having now witnessed the performance I can genuinely say I wsas rifgt there with Lysandaer, Demetrias is a twat and it must be fucking uncomfortable pretending to be sleep ed on ye stager floor. MEGA cool, I hearteth the hour behind the most unusual,  secret venue @ The Warren, like back stage Churchill Square crossed with council estate block. Mental.. Mazing what a yurt and fairy lights can do to festival up urban neck central. It was fuckin’ brilliant, swearing shapera id @How’s about that then’ more than @How do you as you like it. Whether guniunely pissed enough or not. After the show Lysanders fair maidens procured his rudimentary water and he admitted he didn’t say cunt as much as in |EDinvurgh. A diiferent member of the cast is drunk each night. I’d quite like to compare the comedy of errors that ensues. A Midsummer theobvious choice of mixed amourous intentuons. It lightened the shakesperaren foh, we lah de dahed at the nymophs attempts to stroken  with serious spouting bjt chuckled at the fuck it crack ups thatgave it brilliance. There were elements of she’s fucki brilliant toomany times, I twas constantly cracked me up. Whern Lysander went from forgetting his words tyo spouting off Louis/Helena’s the genuine shitfacedness shone through/ I chorkled too early, had to run off mid show for ther low pisswosair but was rifgt there with the programme and having met Lysander after the show would say it was a mid summer dreamt come true! Burp.Hiccup! Un-edited. Jaxx report backs. Over and out for the count. ess of Devonshire!! Magnificant Bastard Productions – When: 4 May 19:30 £12 8-9 May 21:00 £10 (£8.50, £7.50 4 for 3) 6 May 21:00 £10 (£8.50, £7.50 4 for the price of 3) 10 May 21:00 £12 5 May 21:00 £12 (£10.50) 7 May 21:00 £12 (£6 2 for 1) [1hr] Venue: View a map The Warren – See more at:

Shifaced Shakespeare cast at Brighton Fringe 2013

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2 Responses to Shitfaced Shakespeare Drunketh Review – Brighton Fringe 2013

  1. James says:

    Genius review that. NAILED IT.

    • artbyjaxx says:

      Hey cheers James! thanks very much. It was written as a bit of a laugh and very much off the cuff what with the amount of vino I’d consumed, but appears to have gone down well. Was a great show, I take it you’ve seen it too?

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