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This piece is part of The Groyne Series, studies of youth hanging out on the seafront. Have a look at the other works in the series on my website – Continue reading

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I’m pleased to say that my painting ‘Life’s a Beach Two’ was selected by Saatchi online for a collection on their homepage called ‘Last Days of Summer. Continue reading

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” title=”Queenie ‘nose’ she’s picked a diamond year!”>Queenie ‘nose’ she’s picked a diamond year!

Commemorative edition for 2012 Diamond Jubilee based on an original painting by British artist Jacqueline Hammond.

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Everyone should read this book

Everyone should read this. Just the appendix is a wealth of information and links to sites. Become aware and share this page.

“Psyclone is a novel with a difference. Its function is to connect people with information that is being kept from them. It achieves this not only through the novel itself, which is packed with little-known, suppressed, and censored information, but also through an 85-page appendix that provides the reader with all the research and data sources used by the author.

A dedicated website serves as an additional appendix and hosts streaming video content from a variety of radical and contemporary filmmakers and journalists.Two associated blogs, the Centre of the Psyclone blog and the Spiral ladder, output real-time to keep up to date with developments around the world.

The information in Psyclone can be grouped into Problems and Solutions. There are various groups and individuals out there who are doing an excellent job of raising awareness about the various problems we face. Knowing how things got to the state they’re in, the players in the game and their strategies is essential. Psyclone doesn’t stop there though and presents scientifically tried and tested technology and techniques, and leading-edge thinking that have the potential to stimulate a radical shift individually, sociopolitically and globally, and ‘quantum-jump’ an evolutionary advancement throughout the human race.

Psyclone is participatory. Being a spectator is no longer an option with a future. The future is in our hands.”

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