SEE it happen!

The brief:
200cm x 120cm canvas to hang in her son’s open-plan style kitchen.

Atmospheric  seascape painting commissioned by a mother for her son.
Completion Date: Christmas 2011.

The background:
A lady rang me one day, having seen my work in the gallery, to commission a seascape. She briefly described the size and it’s purpose. The client told me she had lost her husband: he had died while scuba diving in the Red Sea. Her son had lost his father and the painting was to be a gift to him, acting as a kind of ‘memorial’, a scene / space in which to remember his father and contemplate his thoughts. I was both shocked and touched to be asked to create such a meaningful piece. Despite the sadness  of a loss of a loved one, what a beautiful way in which to remember them.

The 1st Consultation
When we met and discussed the piece, I immediately visualised the finished painting.  Yet I wonder how true to this vision the actual final piece will be. To provide a work of art that will exist in someone’s life that will not only capture the sheer beauty of the sea, the sky, but also provides a moment for reflection, joy, memories and a whole host of other emotions! The meeting was a pleasure, bursting with thoughts and questions, I knew I would love to do this.

I too have lost my father – in fact, both my parents – so I can empathise. Intrestingly, I have previously painted two works that were created with my father in mind.  Furthermore, they are both sky/seascapes (pictured below).

Shelter - Acrylic (76.5 x 50.5 cm)

Moving on to a Brighter Future - Acrylics (76.5 x 50.5 cm)






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