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The making of ‘A Troubled World’ – Signification of the Poppy series by Jacqueline Hammond

The Signification of the Poppy’ series began with a painting created for a web based competition in 2007 – ‘Seeking Picasso’ in which I was a finalist.

In week 3 the theme was ‘A Troubled World’ and the painting I produced was inspired by the situation in Afghanistan at the time and the metaphor of the poppy and its association with war.

Here are some images of the preliminary work behind the piece: Continue reading

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Super Moon – iPad sketches for ongoing Moon Series

New drawings / paintings to add to my ongoing Moon Series. Last nights moon on Sunday 10th June 2014 was special, it was a Super Moon                             … Continue reading

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The Signification of the Poppy series of paintings by Jacqueline Hammond first exhibited in 2008 in Brighton’s Jubilee Library

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