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100 yrs today  #centenary #WW1 Remembrance Blast painting

100 yrs today  #centenuary #WW1 Remembrance Blast – painting Signification of the Poppy series http://ow.ly/zVPDo

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The Signification of the Poppy series of paintings by Jacqueline Hammond first exhibited in 2008 in Brighton’s Jubilee Library

Brighton’s central Jubilee Library in 2008.

Quote from the press release –

An exhibition of exquisite paintings depicting Poppies in traditional and contemporary settings by local artist Jacqueline Hammond will emblazon the windows of Brighton’s Jubilee Library from 13-26 October, 2008. The series of ten works combine the beauty of fields of flowers with the symbolic role of the Poppy in association with war throughout history. As well as being a topical subject – with Remembrance Day around the corner – the positioning of the art in a public space rather than the confines of a hidden gallery seeks to include and draw in a wider audience to raise collective awareness and provoke thought. Continue reading

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